Thursday, 07 June 2007
Over the course of the next Month I'll begin porting over the Know24 Currency Converter. In the meantime you can find the old Currency page at this URL here.
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 Wednesday, 06 June 2007
I had to write a quick method for removing illegal characters from a Windows filename. Wanting to do this in a non standard approach I decided to try out String.Replace() methods overload which accepts a character array as apposed to a string.
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 Friday, 01 June 2007
In this article, I will explain how to enable Native Http Compression on your Windows 2003 Server.
We'll cover the basics and provide whats needed for you to setup the compression on your own.

Proposed Index:
 IIS6's Compression Background
 Pro's and Con's
 Enabling Native Compression on IIS6
 Testing your compressed pages



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