Sunday, November 4, 2007

This is a fix for those of you experiencing slow performance in Windows Vista due to explorer.exe using 100% or high CPU load. This problem is related to the new Vista start menu being configured by default to allow indexing of all files.

To solve the high resource usage problem, Right click on your Taskbar and click properties. Next click the Customize button next to the Start Menu description.
What we want to do here is stop windows from searching through all your files each time you enter something in the Start Menu search box.
So locate the configuration heading called Search Files. Search Files has three settings.  Select the Don't Search for Files option and click the OK button.

If this didnt solve your problem, the next method is to disable Vista's indexing service all together. Note however that this method will disable Vista's ability to index any other applications such as Outlook 2008.
Click Start then Click Run. In the run text box type services.msc. This will bring up a window displaying all your services.
Look for a service called Windows Search. Right click on it and select properties. In the property dialogue, click Stop to stop the service. Then from the Startup-Type drop down box select Disabled and finally click OK to close the dialogue window.

Your problem is now *hopefully* solved.


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